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TGE Ep 11 – October 2016 LIVE Hangout

We embraced the season for October’s hangout and talked about our favorite horror and suspense films. The basics are covered like our favorites but we also talk about our history with suspense and horror films, branch off into TV shows, and briefly mention zombies and that show that premieres in a few weeks. Here are the questions we considered:

What was your first horror/suspense movie?

What movie scares you?

What novel scared you?

What suspense/horror movie made you laugh?

What is your all time favorite suspense/horror movie?

Are there horror/suspense movies that belong canon?

We do a horror-themed geek and tell but I just couldn’t help myself and had to share a print that my friends, Amy and Don, got for me of a little baby Wonder Woman. She is just amazing as you can clearly see from the post image. Check out Jeff Pina’s work here. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any of the adorable-ness on his site but you can see some on his Facebook page. Just click on the photos and scroll down.

Also, Isabela and I both wear our elf ear cuffs from Geek Girl Stuff. Yes, they look cool and they are seriously comfortable. Go order yourself a set now!

Rhonda mentioned a book she picked up at Geek Girl Con, “Zombopocolypse,” by Matt Youngmark at Chooseomatic Books. That’s right. It’s a chose your own adventure for adults. TOTALLY AWESOME. Make sure to check out his books and his super secret webcomic.

New ambassador Evan Graham joined us for this hangout. Keep an eye out for a project he and I will be working on in the near future. In the meantime, order his book or mine on Inkshares.

Until next time, go be awesome!


Should my sign off stay, “Until next time, get your geek on!” or change to “Go be awesome?” This is choose your own sign-off! Tell me in the comments.

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