My Tiny Vacation

I recently wrote about my geeky obsession with tiny houses…. Before I got any further in this journey, I wanted to make sure I was comfortable in those kind of spaces, so last week, I booked a couple of days in two separate tiny houses.

The first is the Savannah tiny home of Mt. Hood Tiny House Village. This was definitely a vacation rental – there were a lot of things about this model that, in my opinion, would not work well for long-term living.

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The second was the Tiny Tack House, located in Everett, Washington. This was the owners’ full-time residence for four years and it was a much more functional and practical place to live.  I would seriously consider living in a similar house myself since I loved the space and layout so much!

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I was afraid that staying in a tiny would completely discourage me – climbing a ladder to get to sleep seems so impractical from the outside – but it turned out to only encourage me more to keep pursuing this dream.

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