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Five Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me

I do a lot of socializing on social media – it became pretty important to me once I started working mostly from home. But I’ve had a hard time with many of my usual platforms because of different trends I’m seeing, not the least of which is too much re-sharing of posts. Sometimes I feel like everything is on repeat on social media.

That’s usually when I boot up Instagram.

I’ve worked hard at limiting the accounts I follow on Instagram. For me, it’s a smaller network and one I’ve designed to help me feel inspired. So, I thought I would share five accounts that I really enjoy following because they often get me in the mood to write or be creative and artistically express myself.

Emily O – thestylishgeek

thestylishgeek instagram

Emily is a cosplayer and a major geek. She shares some great posts about her cosplay adventures and working geeky style into her everyday outfits.

I covet most of what she shares and her fun fashion sense, but I also find her inspiring because she has shared much about her recent and ongoing battle with cancer. I take the time to go to her site at least once a week to get an update on how she is doing and am amazed at her grace and positive outlook.


Christina – cirkeline 

cirkeline instagram

Christina’s account is pure gold in terms of photographic inspirations. She’s got a clean, direct, and engaging style.

Her posts make me pause and reflect on the beauty in the ordinary – she’s got a great eye and stunning compositions. Christina makes me want to try my hand at more black and white pictures.


Flying Yogini – therealflyingyogini

flying-yogini instagram

I have a guilty pleasure on Instagram (I know for most people that is looking at pictures of food).

For me, it’s looking at yoga teacher feeds. I love seeing the poses and the studios. Why I picked therealflyingyogini for this post is that her yoga pictures are truly inspiring. She does this light trick that I think is just so cool. It often reminds me that there is a spark within myself that I just need to take the time to find and express.



therealflyingyogini instagram

Ayesha & Shanda – thegirlfriendmanifesto 

thegirlfriendmanifesto instagram

This is a recent find for me (and not completely safe for work viewing). Although I am usually not a fan of inspirational quotes on a picture background, the wisdom coming from this particular account hits me right in the feels time after time.

Ayesha and Shanda help remind me why women are awesome on a regular basis.


Face The Foliage – facethefoliage

facethefoliage instagram

This account is pure love for me. I love the concept and the execution. The basic idea is portraits that are created with only leaves and flowers. One of the best things is that these are made not by a single artist but the account is open to anyone that takes the time to put a portrait together.

This is a daily dose of whimsy and helps me look at the leaves in my garden in a whole new way. I am looking forward to trying my hand at a portrait in the near future.



Bonus – thebabyanimalpics

baby-animal-pics instagram

The handle here says it all. This is my go to account for those moments of true stress, when nothing can soothe my soul like a baby hedgehog or llama, puppy, or kitty.

Just plain internet cute going on here.


What are your favorites?

I’m always looking for more inspiring Instagram accounts. What are some of your favorites?

Do you use different social media platforms for different purposes?

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