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The Internet Ruined Comics

In reality, I'm sure that the Internet ruined comics long before now but this past week was my personal tipping point. In case you're unaware, these past two weeks were not particularly great for women in comics.  The Riri Williams variant cover controversy was bad enough.  Then the Mockingbird #8 cover controversy made the Riri scandal… Continue reading The Internet Ruined Comics

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Five Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me

I do a lot of socializing on social media - it became pretty important to me once I started working mostly from home. But I've had a hard time with many of my usual platforms because of different trends I'm seeing, not the least of which is too much re-sharing of posts. Sometimes I feel… Continue reading Five Instagram Accounts That Inspire Me

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Episode 54 – Social Media Gamers

  In episode 54, we discuss how social media games are impacting our definitions of gaming and gamers. We chat with Sharon Browning, a writer for the site, who recently wrote a series of articles about this very topic. Check out her articles and our discussion in the episode. This week is a big one… Continue reading Episode 54 – Social Media Gamers