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Game on Girl LIVE! Episode 147

Hey Everyone,

If you missed our LIVE Google Hangout on Sunday, May 17, here is the YouTube recording AND a newly uploaded podcast episode for those of you who like to listen to us chat. We had a great time and send out a special thank you to our ONE live viewer.


Please plan to join us for our next LIVE Google Hangout, Sunday, June 14th at 2pm Pacific. We are planning these as monthly events. If there are any topics, games, TV shows, or movies you’d like us to talk about, send us a Tweet or an email at

Until next time, game on!
Regina & Rhonda & Mark & Jerry

Listen and Watch the Hangout

2 thoughts on “Game on Girl LIVE! Episode 147”

  1. Overdue remarks (now that I finally caught up).
    1) I listened to Ready Player One based on GoG's recommendation and enjoyed it.

    2) Re: Big Bang Theory. Regina, I don't think you're giving enough consideration to Sheldon's background. He was raised in a conservative Christian family and on some level those values are ingrained (remember how distressed he was when he saw his Mommy having sex with someone who wasn't his Daddy?). Ergo, if he absorbed and understood enough of Amy's complaints about him not investing in moving the relationship forward to decide that he should actually progress it, I don't think it's unreasonable that he would proceed to marriage prior to physical intimacy.

  2. Excellent point, Amy, and one I am kind of embarrassed I didn't think about! Now that you mention it, pleasing his mom is pretty high on Sheldon's to do list. Perhaps this is an issue that should have come up sooner. Either way, I think I do need to rewatch the episode to take your comment and Mark's into consideration. 🙂

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