Recently I attended an event with Ph.D.s from around the country. As we shared our research interests I said, “Wonder Woman.” Some snickered. Some nodded. Some turned away. Wonder Woman? How is that a research interest? Some of them share my enthusiasm and ask me questions including, “Why doesn’t she ever get her own movie!?” To which I must awkwardly reply, “She did. It came out two months ago…” Fast forward five days where I stood in a comic shop behind a stack of Wonder Woman issues that I could barely see over. I rent a subscription from the man behind the counter, and IRead More →


Hello Everyone and Welcome to The Geek Embassy! Today we launch our new website, The Geek Embassy. Game on Girl was my first passion project and, like a lot of passion projects, it was a lot about me as an individual. I identified with the site, with our mascot, GiGi, and with the mission to identify and create a community for women gamers. As the site and the podcast grew, so did my vision and my idea about what kind of a community I wanted to grow and how I could better serve those with similar interests to mine. In thinking about all the joy geek cultureRead More →

Hey Everyone, If you missed our LIVE Google Hangout on Sunday, May 17, here is the YouTube recording AND a newly uploaded podcast episode for those of you who like to listen to us chat. We had a great time and send out a special thank you to our ONE live viewer.   Please plan to join us for our next LIVE Google Hangout, Sunday, June 14th at 2pm Pacific. We are planning these as monthly events. If there are any topics, games, TV shows, or movies you’d like us to talk about, send us a Tweet or an email at regina@gameongirl.com. Until next time,Read More →

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Well, gamers, we’ve finally done it! We’ve gone and produced a video podcast. Check out parts one and two of our newest headline show where we talk about the latest in geek culture news and share some of our favorite geek memorabilia. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!   LINKS Star Wars Episode VII: tumblr, IMDB, io9 Lovline with Dr. Drew Pnksy: tumblr, Jezebel, Endometriosis Pharrell and “Marilyn Monroe” song: Jezebel, Khadija Nicholas, lyrics Sexual Assault PSA: Jezebel, 1 is 2 Many No pants at the Prom: story, update Until next time, game on! Regina & Rhonda Regina McMenomyRegina is the founder andRead More →

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  This week, Rhonda and Regina talk about some recent news articles in geek culture. There is always something interesting… or annoying… or fascinating going on in geek culture so they take on a few of these topics this week. Check out the articles and our commentary on the show and let us know what you think. GoldieBlox – Getting Girls into Engineering http://www.wired.com/2014/04/goldieblox-princess-video/   Tabletop Crowd Funding It only took 4 days for TableTop to raise the $500,000 for Season 3. And they have 31 days to go. http://www.wired.com/2014/04/wheaton-tabletop-crowdfunding/   “Fargo” TV Series, FX http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2802850/?ref_=nv_sr_1   “The Green Girl” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2342700/   Nintendo’s New KeyRead More →

Generally, I try not to think about episodes in terms of favorites but I have to confess that our guest this week has already become a favorite. Nika Harper joins us from the Geek & Sundry vlog channel. Her new show, Story Mode, combines game play and story telling – two of the things we love the most about gaming here at Game on Girl! We talk about creative inspiration, game & geek culture, and a host of other fabulous topics. We WRaP about our latest geeky passions this week, talking about what we are Watching, Reading, and Playing. What are your latest geeky interests? Passions? Obsessions? Check itRead More →

If you have a geeky interest, there’s a con out there for you.   This week we discuss some of the cons we plan to attend and some we dream of attending. Here are some great web sites for con calendars: UpComingCons – cons listed by genre SciFiConventions – search by geographic region and time of year GeekCalendar – several ways to search for a con Before Going to a Con Make sure the con has a web site or contact information so you can verify the con Make sure tickets are not sold out Find out if it’s family friendly or not Don’t waitRead More →

Yesterday, I gave this to my Valentine: There’s been a lot of buzz lately around the internets about how geek women need to prove themselves, spawned by the idea that there are a large number of women faking their interest in geek culture now that it has gained a larger, more mainstream sense of acceptance. We discussed this on a podcast I recently appeared on (the episode isn’t up yet) but for the most part I’ve avoided this debate because, honestly, I think it’s completely bogus. But yesterday, after I surprised my Valentine with this Star Wars themed heart and I thought about the StarRead More →