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Episode 79 – Revisiting Sex & Gender: Sandi Glahn

sandi-glahnThis week we have one of our all time favorite guests back on the show: Dr. Sandi Glahn. Sandi first joined us on episode 17, where we talked about the origins and evolution of gender stereotypes. We return to the basics of feminism, revisiting the differences between sex and gender, a common conflation we’ve all noticed recently. We discuss other topics including sexism in mainstream media, harassment, and assless-chaps.

Sandi joins us as we WRaP up our week, talking about what we’re Watching, Reading, and Playing. You can take a guess what social game Rhonda & Sandi get me hooked into playing again!

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Do you have an example of someone misusing the terms sex or gender? Got a great recommendation for us to WRaP about? Let us know!

Until next time, game on!

Regina & Rhonda

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