More Words on Gaming

More Words on Gaming

Hello Everyone,

We have some exciting plans for Game on Girl in the very near future. Starting next week, we will have five new writers for the site.

Hooray! <Kermit flail>

As many of you know, Game on Girl started as the website to support my dissertation research and this year I launched the podcast to continue interviews and the conversations that started here. Now I want to take that vision a step further and bring in even more perspectives on gaming and game culture. Although each of the new writers will be introducing themselves in greater detail next week, I thought I would share brief intros of them now.

Toria (@missing_chapter) was a guest on episode 12 along with Mellisa (@somerocketeer). They’ve both been long and passionate supporters of the website and my research and I’m delighted they will be joining the Game on Girl crew. If you’re on Tumblr, you can catch some of Toria’s insights and writing there.

Sharon (@ArcticWren) is a long time gamer and was our first role player interview in episode 7. Sharon also writes for LitStack where you can find some fabulous book recommendations.

Jerry is also a role player and writer over at LVLs. He also came on the show to represent role players and cyber drag in episode 10.

Last and certainly not least is Schjoll, AKA Regina’s friend Mark. You can hear interviews with him in episode five and 14 and mentioned in many other episodes as well.

Please give them all a warm welcome!

Game on!

Regina is the founder and lead ambassador of The Geek Embassy. Studying and writing about geeks and geek culture is Regina’s favorite thing to do when she’s not reading student papers, dancing an excessive amount of calories away, or chasing after her daughter. Inclined towards mobile and social gaming online, Regina also loves a good round of 7 Wonders, Qwirkle, Small World, or Lords of Waterdeep. Someday, she hopes to actually take part in a D&D campaign so she can officially “roll” a character and role play her as a devious, highly intelligent mischief maker, which would be nothing like she is in real life.


  1. Thanks again for the opportunity, Regina! 🙂

  2. So glad to have you both join us! Exciting times ahead!

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