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Episode 5 – From The Guys: Secret Geek Shame

Hello Everyone and welcome to Episode Five of Game on Girl!

This week marks a first for us on multiple fronts. First, we are interviewing LIVE gamers instead of going back through the dissertation interviews. And second, those gamers are GUYS!

I know!  So exciting!

A warm welcome and huge thanks to Mark and Ryan for being on the show! We truly enjoyed it and hope they’ll come back again!

Here are some of the links we talk about during this episode:

NewbCast Gaming Podcast – Check Regina out on Episode 9!

30 Rock – St. Patrick’s Day – Season Six, Episode 12

Regina’s Star Wars: The Old Republc Avatar


What do you think? Is Regina a Self Player?

We would love to hear what you think about our first live interview episode and our comments about 30 Rock. Drop us a Tweet: Regina @doclizz and Rhonda @rhorhoom and comment on any aspect of the show, or let us know an example of gaming in pop culture you’d like us to talk about.

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Until next time, Game On!
Regina and Rhonda

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