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Episode 9 – Happily After End Game: Scott and Kat

This week, Game on Girl talks to married gamers, Scott and Kat.

Check out this episode where we discuss the dynamics of gaming as a couple, including gaming with a guild and friends on and offline.  Scott and Kat share their experiences playing games like Diablo III, Borderlands, World of Warcraft together and redefine modern love.

We’ve added a couple of new features to the show this week including a section where we share listener feedback on previous episodes and responses to the questions we’ve posed about gaming and game culture on Twitter. This week’s Twitter questions we discuss are “Do you role play in game?” and “Do you prefer to game online with people you know in your physical life or does it not matter to you?” Some pretty awesome comments and discussions are shared on this episode.

We would love to hear from more gamer couples and have you share your experiences gaming with your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, partner/significant other. Let us know your story on Twitter at @game_on_girl or in the comments below.

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Until next time, Game On!
Regina and Rhonda

3 thoughts on “Episode 9 – Happily After End Game: Scott and Kat”

  1. Howdy. Came across your blog & podcast after searching for "Married Gamers" on Twitter. I'll give your podcast a listen, but noticed you asked to hear more stories from married gamers. Well., the nickel tour is that my wife and I used gaming and podcasting to heal our relationship after coming to a near break-up after a ten year marriage. We started The Married Gamers podcast and website nearly five years ago, and next week, I'm very happy to say, we are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary with some Rock Band Endless Setlist III.

  2. Chris, I'm glad you found us. I can't wait to check out your podcast. And what a great story. Thanks for sharing. My husband and I also game together and it means a lot to me.

    Gaming together unites us against an outside force. Many times I forget it's not me against him but us against the crap that's trying to wreck us. When we work together in game we have to create a dialogue and discover how to maximize the skills of the team or we die.

    Gaming isn't necessarily a unique way to do this. Couples can pick any number of team activities. But none other allows you to enter an alternate world with alternate, unworldly abilities.

    This is significant because I think we hit a wall of discovery about our partner and don't know how to proceed. Individuals are fascinating, complex, and unique personalities. There is no way you can ever know everything about one person in a lifetime. But life becomes so routine, bound by so many limits, we quickly run out of ideas on how to reach or understand each other. Problems get so big and familiar we stop seeing and hearing.

    Tristram, Pandora, or Arkham City puts us into an unfamiliar environment with new rules. The norm is gone. The problems are different. As we discover what governs this new world, we begin discovering each other again. The playing field is level.

  3. Thank you so much for your comment, Chris! I am excited to check out your podcast and hear more of your story.
    I think what Rhonda said is so important and valuable. It's not easy to keep a relationship going and gaming, as a common interest, is a great way to bridge many of the gaps that might otherwise appear between two people. I really do believe gamers are excellent problem solvers and your story is proof of the power behind gaming. Game on! 🙂

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