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GoG Short #4 – First Impressions: Diablo III

In the fourth short episode of Game on Girl, we discuss our first impressions of Diablo III. We talk about game play, graphics, overall design and, of course, gender.

We discuss differences in female versus male avatars, in particular the differences in the starting outfits of the demon hunters and the wizards.

Diablo III – Wizards
Diablo III – Demon Hunters

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Until next time, Game On!
Regina and Rhonda

4 thoughts on “GoG Short #4 – First Impressions: Diablo III”

  1. Haven't listened to the podcast yet – hope to do that this weekend – but just wondering the age old question: how DOES that demon hunter female run in those boots??? /grin

  2. I remember an episode of "The X-Files", "Hollywood A.D.", where a movie is being made about Mulder and Scully. Tea Leoni plays Scully in the Hollywood movie. They have a scene in the background where Scully is showing Leoni how she runs in those shoes. Hi. Larious.

  3. If you have Netflix, the episode is streaming there: Season 7, Episode 19, "Hollywood A.D.". The scene starts at about 34:40.

  4. I love that scene in X-Files! I laugh just thinking about it, mostly because it's just in the background and Tea Leoni isn't even paying attention to her. 🙂

    And I'm glad that not ALL the female avatars are in stiletto boots. That alone is progress. One other observation I had that we talked around in the podcast was the similarity in the body types between the female and male avatars. I only noticed how close they were in height and body mass when I was putting the screen shots together.

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