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TGE EP 72 — Watches: Game of Thrones, Season 8

Winter is here, and so is The Geek Embassy with a lengthy discussion of the highly anticipated Game of Thrones season 8. Your usual host Dante fills the role of Jon Snow in this episode of TGEW because he knows nothing about the show, having stopped watching after season 1. Thankfully, cast members Nicole (of the podcast Geeky Thrones Girl), Regina, Jaye, and Isabela are here to set him straight.

We cover literally everything about season 8 from start to finish. Regina and Nicole recorded two episodes about season 8 leading up to this one. Don’t miss both of those episodes you can find here and here. If you’re one of the seven GOT fans in the world who still hasn’t seen season 8, you should probably skip this episode and come back later.

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