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Game of Thrones Season 8 Predictions

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones premieres this Sunday, April 14. There are tons of predictions flying around, here are mine.

Episodes 1-3

Daenerys and Jon’s… um relationship will likely drop in episode 1 or 2. I think Jon’s going to hear it in the first episode and lots of brooding will ensue. Daenerys may not hear until the second episode and she won’t believe it at first. Bran is going to have to convince her by telling her something about her that no one else would know.

Once they both accept that it’s the truth, Jon will forfeit his right to the throne. He obviously doesn’t want it, and he already bent the knee to Daenerys, so it’s likely to be a non-issue. It’s only importance in the matter is that Daenerys is pregnant. That bombshell might not be dropped until episode 4, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

While Dany and her entourage arrive at Winterfell, Euron and the Golden Company will arrive in King’s Landing. Although Cersei has promised to marry Euron, I think she’ll offer the bait to the captain of the Golden Company as well, because she’s…Cersei. Qyburn will be busy at work coming up with some new way to kill dragons. His scorpion wasn’t a failure; Bronn’s aim was, so it’s still not out of the picture. He may look at adding poison to the tip or some other trick to bring the dragon down even if the person firing it can’t land a headshot.

Once the Night King reaches Winterfell, all hell will break loose. We’ve been told this battle will take place in Episode 3 and is said to be the most ambitious battle ever made in any kind of film. We’re going to lose a lot of peripheral characters in this battle, and I mean A LOT. Pretty much anyone is fair game with the exception of Jon, Daenerys, Sansa, Tyrion, and Bran, who will all escape on the dragons. Some other characters might survive, but I’m not holding my breath.

Winterfell, itself will be a casualty as well. It could only be the mass destruction of the castle that will lead everyone to flee.

There are some characters who won’t escape by flying off on a dragon, but will simply run. I think these characters are Arya, the Hound, and Gendry. While the people on the dragons will flee to Dragonstone, the other group will head for King’s Landing.

Episodes 4-6

Once they know what’s coming for them, the Golden Company will abandon Cersei. They’ll jump on Euron’s ships and hightail it out of Westeros, leaving both Cersei and Euron high and dry. While this is happening, Theon and his one ship will sail to King’s Landing, blending in with all of the other Greyjoy fleet. Theon will find Yara captive on Euron’s main ship. He’ll free Yara. Euron will kill him and then Yara will kill Euron.

Eventually, Arya, the Hound and Gendry will arrive in King’s Landing. Arya will use Littlefinger’s face to gain an audience with Cersei, but won’t be fast enough to do the deed before the Mountain takes her out. Then the Hound will kill the Mountain, and Gendry, with knowledge that his mother tried to kill him, will kill Cersei.

Back on Dragonstone, where the rescued parties’ will find Melisandre waiting, Daenerys, who now is definitely pregnant, and Jon will decide that they and the dragons are the only hope for saving Westeros. They’ll fly there with Tyrion (who will refuse to leave Dany’s side) Melisandre (who believes her faith in the lord will help) and Bran who thinks he can help as well.

Once they all arrive a lot’s going to go down. Bran will try to visit the past and stop the children of the forest from creating the Night King, but the Night King will get to him in the present before that will happen. Rhaegal will go crashing down, perhaps with another ice spear from the Night King. Jon will be mortally wounded in the process. Rather than die and join the army of the dead, Jon will ask Dany to kill him and then burn his and Rhaegal’s bodies.

After this happens, it’s baby time! Melisandre will deliver the baby, but both her and Dany will die in the process. And the baby is going to be special, probably a human with the ability to set things on fire, or something similar. But it’s just a baby and not conscious enough to use those powers right now. With everyone else dead, Tyrion will rescue the baby, mount Drogon and flee back to Dragonstone.

The Night King will continue to sweep through Westeros, killing anyone who had been left behind, while those on Dragonstone will decide to stay there to wait out the winter and raise the baby into a being who can finally take out the Night King for good.

That’s what I think. How about you?