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Game on Girl is Back!

Greetings, Geeks!

Exciting news from The Geek Embassy! If you’ve been following the site and the podcast for any time, you know we’ve gone through some big changes in the past two years. There have been some growing pains — some rough patches even — as my vision for the site and our community slowly came together.

Our Evolution

When I started the original Game on Girl podcast, I was looking to keep up the conversations about the dissertation research I did. We expanded the site to The Geek Embassy in order to better represent the content we were making — geek-focused articles and podcast topics, and we’ve done well recruiting new writers with new geeky passions to the site as contributors. We create good content with TGE Reads, Watches, and Plays. To that end, we are expanding to two separate podcasts. Game on Girl will remain on our current podcast feed and we will have a new feed for The Geek Embassy shows that focuses on those topics (watch our social media for when the new podcast feed goes live!). Our fearless writer, Dante, will now host “Watches” and Stephen, from Engaged Family Gaming, will host “Plays”.

Shifting to The Geek Embassy was the right move for the site, but ever since we did, I have missed my old show. To that end, I have decided to bring back Game on Girl and host it on my own. I miss interviewing people and talking about the deeper themes in games. I am itching to get back to the kind of content that had the show pegged “the NPR of video game podcasts.”

Our Podcast Network

But! Two shows doesn’t a network make! We will also be including Geeking with the Moms and Engage! A Family Gaming podcasts to the site. We are also looking for other, independent podcasts with geek-themed content that might want to run under our new banner.

If you have suggestions, please leave them for us in the comments down below!

Committed to Geek Community

As always, we remain committed to fostering the growth of our geek-filled community. We are hoping, with these changes, to streamline the content we are creating and continue with the amazing conversations we have.

Until next time, game on!

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