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TGE Ep 55 – Watches: Black Panther

Greetings, Geeks, and welcome to the latest episode of The Geek Embassy Watches! This week we watch Black Panther, the latest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a top contender for the most socially significant movie this year. And it’s only February!

Black Panther Plot Recap

After the death of King T’Chaka during the events of Captain America: Civil War, Prince T’Challa returns home to Wakanda, a secluded nation in eastern Africa that presents itself as a third-world country but in reality is the most technologically advanced nation in the world thanks to their monopoly on the metal called vibranium.  After being coronated as the new King and the new Black Panther, sworn protector of Wakanda, T’Challa confronts hidden truths about his deceased father and an American named Erik “Killmonger” Stevens, who attempts to claim the throne and the title of Black Panther for himself.

Our Discussion

This super fun episode features great moments. With a full house of contributors, we discuss all the moments we loved and those we absolutely adored in this episode. From the powerful female warriors to the outstanding costumes, cinematography, and design. Tahani joins us for the first time and adds some great commentary to the mix. Among the highlights: Tahani’s favorite line is gorilla barking, Dante coins “gender-if-ically,” Evan’s soul is charged, and Max finds himself pleasantly engaged.

New Format

So we are changing things up a bit. The content on the YouTube page will now be a “hot take” episode. Short, sweet, and to the point. The podcast episode will be our standard one-hour in-depth discussion. Enjoy both!

To Discuss

The “rapid fire” questions we considered: Favorite character? Line? Technology?

Until next time Wakanda Forever!
Regina, Dante, Evan, Max, and Tahani

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