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TGE Ep 38 – TGE Geeks Out Over Motor Crush!

Motor Crush Rush

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing three comic book hotshots at Rose City Comic Con. Fortune favored me and I got a chance to talk to Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, And Babs Tarr about their latest offering from Image Comics: Motor Crush.

When I went through the list of books available for interview, Motor Crush raced to the top because the premise seemed so unique and inherently feminist. Domino Swift is a woman of color competing in the dangerous world of moto racing. She lives her life perched between the official racing world, and dangerous street racing where she competes for the hot pink engine boosting substance, “Crush.” Torn between two worlds that demand every ounce of her spirit, she battles her own demons and those out to get her. My jaw dropped at the end of the first volume and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

This is a live recording and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a video to go with it. Check it out and order your own copy of Motor Crush Volume 1 now!

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What is the most out of character comic book purchase you’ve ever made?

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