TGE at Rose City Comic Con!

Greetings fellow geeks!

Isabela, Dante, and I (Regina) will be revisiting the hallowed halls of the Portland Convention Center this weekend attending Rose City Comic Con! We went last year as press and this year we are press and presenters! Keep an eye on our Instagram account for a first hand virtual experience of the con!

Don’t miss the chance to see our traveling panel, “Baskets & Capes: What Fairy Tales Can Teach Us about Superheroes.” Isabela, Dante, and I will be on the panel presenting and handing out some sweet swag.

RCCC is a great con. The people are friendly, and the show floor always impresses. If you’re going to be there, keep an eye out for the three of us and definitely don’t miss our panel. It’s at 3pm Sunday in panel room 7.


Everywhere you look, in every form of pop culture, at the movies, on broadcast TV, and on Netflix, everything’s coming up superheroes. Storytelling has always been about explaining the world; it is how humankind reaches out and understands that the struggles we face are often shared experiences. How does our current fascination with superheroes relate to storytelling approaches of the past? Can fairy tales help us understand the current fascination with superheroes? Come listen to an enlightening discussion about how everything old is new again and superpowered to boot.

Hope to see you there!
Regina, Isabela, & Dante

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