TGE Ep 36 – Watches: Dunkirk

TGE Ep 36 – Watches: Dunkirk

In this episode of TGE Watches, Mark, Ryan, and I discuss Christopher Nolan’s epic Dunkirk. We decided to break our summer movie superhero run with quite a different epic film. Two of us enjoyed it and one was quite very disappointed.

Official Description

Three different perspectives with overlapping time periods: one week on land, one day at sea, and one hour in the air, create a non-linear narrative.

Introductory text at the start of the movie says that in 1940, after the invasion of France, hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers had retreated to Dunkirk. As German forces close in, they await evacuation in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Our Analysis

Our opinions differed greatly in pretty much every aspect of the film. Mark shares his disappointment that the setting didn’t look truer to the actual beaches during the war. (See photos below for comparison.) Ryan and I both appreciated the artistic nature of the movie overall and how it was surprisingly deep. I will heartily admit it is hard to follow at the start, especially if you don’t know the details of the battle particularly well. Watch and listen to hear our thoughtful analysis.

Listen and Watch

For Reference – Photos from the Shores of Dunkirk

scene from Dunkirk

scene from Dunkirk

Screen Captures from the Movie Dunkirk

scene from Dunkirk

scene from Dunkirk

To Discuss

Have you seen Dunkirk? Does the lack of historical accuracy in this movie, or in any movie based on a historical event, bother you?

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