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Introducing Max: A wand’ring we shall go

Welcome Max!

Please welcome to the site our newest ambassador, Max AKA The Crab Goddess. Max is a gamer, writer, and storyteller interested in all things weird. He will be sharing his experiences and thoughts about each here on The Geek Embassy. Keep an eye out for his content in the upcoming weeks! Please welcome Max to the site and enjoy this glimpse into the start of his adventure with us. ~Regina

Oh hi! My name is Max, also known as the Crab Goddess, and I like playing tank in online games, knitted Cthulhus, and webcomics with fluid and dynamic storylines, relatable characters, and the occasional butt joke. Spooky and silly, emotional and energetic, red mana all the way down, if there’s something different to be found and explored, move over Indiana Jones because I called dibs. Nice to meet you!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved different. I enjoy deconstructions and examinations. Basically, I like weird. From fantasy stories that break down what could be classified as magic into a calculable science, to horrific tales of monsters that call into question humanity’s place in the world, a game that tells decades of stories through gameplay and mechanics as well as the people who play it, to art depicting actual nightmares, there’s usually something rewarding hiding out in the wonderful world of the weird. Why follow the footpath when there might be something just behind the treeline? Maybe it’s a new world, maybe it’s a badger or snake den, but either way, I’m going to explore it.

Hi, my name is Max, also known as the Crab Goddess.

I enjoy tabletop games, well-written stories with proper grammar, and lots of spooky shenanigans with a bit of drama and comedy thrown into the mix. I’m also terrible with introductions, so please bear with me.

It isn’t that I don’t have anything to say. Given the chance, I would love to talk with anyone about the nuanced and complex world of Rapture and the narrative created for BioShock, or why I would bring Slipknot’s Iowa, Stone Sour’s Hydrogradand Caravan Palace’s Robot Face albums with me if I was stranded on an island and could only take 3 CDs with me (and I have thought it out).  

I could easily spend an hour or more debating the pros and cons to various Magic: the Gathering deck archetypes while also trying to piece together the mythos of the Redwall series through 20+ books. A discussion of the impact Lovecraft and Stoker had on the horror genre over a game of Tak wouldn’t be unusual either. I will quickly talk both ears off of you, then lend you one of mine so we can keep going. Just give it back when you’re done with it, please and thank you.

Wait. Where was I? Oh yeah, right. Intro.

Is it curiosity that drives my inner geek? Maybe. Is it ADHD soaked in years worth of energy drinks? Could be. Am I a simple person who enjoys fun and has a particular and peculiar definition of what that means? Most likely. Either way, I am a screaming id with a party hat, chain link wrist tattoos, a short attention span, a penchant for British accents, and no map to avoid the strange shores and terrible tides of the geekscape. I’m looking for the atypical, the new, the powerful, and the unknown. So maybe that should be my introduction, reservations be damned.

Hi, my name is Max, also known as the Crab Goddess, and I’m looking for an adventure.

Want to come?

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