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If I Were a Rock Star Part IV: Songs We Would Make Legendary on NBC’s The Voice

A Gigawatt Jukebox Playlist

From Rockabilly to Reggae, Movie Scores to Soul, our Gigawatt Jukebox is out of control.  In true geek style, we submit a never-ending playlist that is not concerned with genre, popularity, or album release date.  

Who hasn’t dreamt of being a rock star…the power of your music surging energy into a roaring crowd?  With popular singing competition TV shows like The Voice, living the dream can actually happen.   After years of watching others sing their way into stardom, it got us thinking.  What would we do in their shoes?  What kind of voice would we belt if we could?  Which songs would we like to be famous for singing?  For the first time, members of the Geek Embassy galaxy come together to share a 4-part ensemble playlist.  It’s Isabela’s turn this week!


Making this list was more than a little difficult. I’m not a very musical person and, more often than not, if I have my headphones in, it’s a podcast that I’m listening to.  With the exception of show and movie scores, the selection below are some of my favorite songs that I wish I could rock on stage. In real life, the closest I get is some cathartic singing while driving where no one can hear me.


If there’s a song on my list that could really get a crowd going, this would be it. Queens of the Stone Age has been one my favorites for years and this song is definitely at the top of my list. My vocal range is more suited to songs sung by men, so this is probably the song I could most realistically sing well.


I know this is a cover of a Hozier song, but every time I hear Ellie Goulding’s version of it, I’m floored by her range. The way she covers it is so raw and visceral. I love that she didn’t change the pronouns from the original either like a lot of artists do.


I’ve only recently discovered Bishop Briggs and this is one of the catchier of her songs… In real life, it’d be difficult for me to sing this without outright shouting the lines, but in this fantasy world, I could pull it off.


Laura Marling isn’t a showy singer, but her clear voice stands out with such a confidence that I could only hope to emulate if I ever performed on stage.


If there was one song I could sing to really demonstrate my (non-existent) singing chops, it’d be Satisfied from Hamilton.  Renee Elise Goldsberry absolutely kills it in the cast recording as Angelica Hamilton and the emotions get to me every time I hear this track. She demonstrates a range that I could only hope for.

To Discuss

What kind of musical legend would you like to be?  Which songs would you rock?  Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for listening!  Check back regularly for newly added tunes.  

This complete Special Edition playlist and others are available on YouTube (click the link below):

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