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Author Profile: Robert Batten

Author Profile

Sunday morning, I had the pleasure of chatting with Robert Batten about his book, Human Resources.

In a future ravaged by a grim virus, the survivors have been enslaved by corporations. When an immortal assassin learns of a possible cure, she is drawn back into conflict with her former masters.

This novel is a brilliant mashup of science-fiction and fantasy, drawing on both genres to create something completely new. Hint: The immortal assassin mentioned in the description is a vampire. We discuss Robert’s inspiration and his writing process for this novel and how it differed from his usual approach. He brings up good points about both the plotter approach and the pantser approach. We share war wounds over writing and the thrill and exhaustion involved in crowdfunding. As always, we wrap with a discussion of current favorite geekdoms and we both ooo’d and ahhh’d over iZombie.

Robert is running a campaign on Inkshares as part of the Launchpad contest. You can read several chapters of the novel on his campaign page. Don’t forget to place a pre-order and help him make this book a reality!

Until next time, get your geek on!

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