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TGE Ep 9 – Summer Movie Podcast – August 2016

For the last episode in our summer movie podcast series, we shake it up a bit and we both saw different movies. I saw Star Trek: Beyond and  Rhonda saw Suicide Squad. We discuss the evolution of the Star Trek movies, and the careful consideration given to all the character backstories. There is one major critique I have for the franchise. Make sure to listen and let us know if you agree.

Rhonda discusses how Suicide Squad had a huge opening weekend even with less than stellar early reviews. She attributes this to the marketing of the movie and how posters and trailers and interviews (oh my!) for this movie were everywhere.

How has the marketing of a movie caught your attention and did the movie hold up to the hype? (Hint: Suicide Squad definitively fell short for Rhonda.)

For streaming recommendations, Regina is aghast to learn Ronda hasn’t seen Stranger Things and attempts to keep her cool over how cool it is. As a secondary recommendation, Regina explains her current obsession with the Food Network shows on Netflix but especially Good Eats with Alton Brown. Rhonda suggests viewing 10 Cloverfied Lane and regrets that it took her so long to start watching it.

Did you binge watch any shows this summer?

As the episode ends, I announce that The Geek Embassy has a panel at Geek Girl Con in October. We are presenting, “Capes and Baskets: What Fairy Tales Can Help Teach Us about Superheroes.” Rhonda and I will also be doing sister cosplays both at GGC and at local cons we are attending in September. Rhonda will be at Dragon Con Labor day weekend and Regina will be at Rose City Comic Con on September 10 and 11th. If you are attending, find us and say hello!

Keep an eye out for our next show on the new YouTube Live platform (G+ Hangouts is retiring).

Until next time, get your geek on!
Regina & Rhonda

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