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TGE Ep 7 – July 2016 LIVE Podcast

Greetings, Geeks!

We had a great hangout for July! New ambassadors Julie and Dante joined me and Rhonda to talk about how our experience and enjoyment of music has changed throughout our lives. We start with our first memories of seeking out music on our own, venture into junior high favorites, and first crushes. From there, we linger a bit too long perhaps in high school and how music first started to truly impact our identities. Looking at post-college time to the present brought us almost full circle in our musical biographies. (Yes, we did discuss the Hamilton soundtrack.)

I was delighted to finally understand how the Q&A feature works and how to get the questions out to our viewers in real time. Many thanks to Micah and Amy for actively participating and commenting as we were talking. Your participation made it feel like a real hangout. If you are interested in participating in the hangouts like this, make sure to RSVP yes to the Google event post, that way you will get notifications sent with our questions during the hangout itself.

We would love to talk to more of  you while we are broadcasting but we know that isn’t always an option. Luckily, we have a comments section for just that reason. Tell us in the comments about your musical biography. When and what music has had the most impact on your life?

Until next time, get your geek on!

Podcast Episode 162

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