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TGE Ep 3 – Summer Movie Podcast – April 2016

Movie In the Theater

For the summer months, Rhonda and I will be viewing and discussing blockbuster movies. To launch the series, we saw  The Huntsman: Winter’s War which opened on April 22, 2016. A prequel/sequel to the 2012 Snow White and The Huntsman, this movie has huge star power, including Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth, and beautiful art direction. The positives end there. Listen to the episode and let us know what you think about our critique and some summer movies we should consider.

Regina gives it:        
Rhonda gives it:    

Streaming Recommendations

In addition to the blockbusters, we will have recommendations for your streaming viewing. Summer gives us some time to catch up on our Netflix queue or to check out some independent movies. We will both give a streaming recommendation for you to check out at home or on the go.

Regina – Amélie, 2001

Rhonda – The Magnificent Seven, 1960


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