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TGE Ep 1 – LIVE at Emerald City Comicon 2016

Here is our live episode from Emerald City Comicon! Isabela and I traveled to Seattle, met up with the TMG Cast (Adrian and Andrew) and interview some fantastic artists, writers, and game designers. We talked with a nice cross section of people  this year, spanning many of the areas of interest for The Geek Embassy. We also got the chance to fly our banner for the first time (even if it was a little too new to lay flat). I asked lots of creators for advice they would give someone starting out in a creative field and thought I would highlight some of the best advice we were given.

Artist, and game designer, Rezllen, talked about how important it is to push yourself into new territory as an artist. She said working on a deadline and in collaborative projects with other artists was key to her production. Cosplayer Dezi Desire reflected a similar point of view about the importance of a deadline and being in a creative group. I can also say having a creative partnership was key to my own success. It’s often important to have that social responsibility to other

Phil Foglio talked about how his book series, Girl Genius, was conceptualized for almost seven years before he started publishing it. He describes how important it is to plan your story and have many ideas about main plot points together before you start publishing. I am sure that’s a bit daunting for new creators to think about but what I appreciate from this bit of wisdom is how important planning is. If you jump into a project guns ablaze, but without some concept of time and longevity, you might run out of steam or ideas. If your content timeline lags, your readers will go elsewhere. Don’t let planning get in the way of you starting a new project but keep in mind the scope of the project you are working on.

Recording a live episode is a challenging and exciting endeavor. We are thankful to the artists, illustrators, and writers who took the time to talk with us. If you haven’t had the chance, make the trip to Seattle for ECCC. You won’t be disappointed! Be sure to ask Isabela about buying ALL THE THINGS on Sunday, too.

Until next time, get your geek on!

Links to our Live Guests

Redcoatsish_cover_web_large Jeff MartinCartoonist and Author
Book – Redcoats
Webcomic – Heat



girl-geniusPhil FoglioWriter and Illustrator
Webcomic and Book – Girl Genius





tiny-swordsBrian WolfGame Designer
Game – Tiny Swords





Eric-FellEric FellActor
Live D&D Improv – Critical Hit Show
Twitch – Dragon Punchers



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