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Episode 139 – Cathé Post – GeekMom

This week, Cathé Post from joins us on the show. We discuss training your kids to be board gaming geeks, cosplaying as a family, and some of our favorite board games. In the WRaP, Rhonda and I discuss our current geeky obsessions!

Make sure to check out all the great DIY science stuff on these sites. Some good times are in store for sure!

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Until next time, game on!
Regina & Rhonda




Gone Girl
Penny Dreadful“, Showtime


Batman: Hush“, Jeff Loeb, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
The Dead Tracks“, Time Weaver
Gone Girl“, Gillian Flynn
Never Coming Back“, Tim Weaver


Arkham Horror”, Fantasy Flight
Code Breakers“, PennyDellPuzzles, December 2014 issue
Dixit“, Asmodee
QuizUp“, Plain Vanilla, Apple, Google Play, Android
Stone Age“, Rio Grande Games
Terror in Meeple City“, Repos Productions
Warhammer: Fantasy“, Fantasy Flight


The Imitation Game
The Librarians“, TNT
The Mentalist“, CBS

She may have been in cahoots with Wilde all along! Cahoots… I’ve been cahooted!

Flynn Carson in “The Librarian: Quest for the Spear“, 2004

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2 thoughts on “Episode 139 – Cathé Post – GeekMom”

  1. Elianara:
    I hadn't heard of The Bride Quartet. Thanks for mentioning it. It sound interesting although I have to say I don't have much interest in Romance since I'm kind of living a perfect one. (Ahhh.) I like the premise, though, from the perspective of a wedding planning business.

    I was obsessed with the puzzle books while traveling. I bought another one after I arrived at my destination. I'm horrible at crosswords so you've thoroughly impressed me.

    Game on.

  2. Reading and watching: Went and saw The Maze Runner, and got interested, so next up I'm reading the books by James Dashner, but they have to wait a bit, because I'm in the middle of Nora Roberts Bride Quartet series.

    James Dashner
    The Bride Quartet

    Also went to the movies and saw The Mockingjay part 1.

    And since you commented on puzzle books, I have to say I like them too, I have a monthly subscription to a Japanese crossword, or nonogram magazine, that I like to fill in. I like to do puzzles, and those are my favorites so far.

    Happy puzzle solving!

    -Elianara aka AC

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