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Episode 136 – Alison Carrier – Renaissance Woman

This week we have the pleasure of chatting with Alison Carrier, a bona fide Renaissance Woman and female geek hero. Alison works for EA at the Red Crow Austin studio as a UI/UX designer. Hear some stories about working in the game industry, cosplaying Wonder Woman, and all about her fantastically geeky hobbies.

We WRaP up the show with what we’re Watching, Reading, and Playing. I won’t talk about a certain mobile game that has me super frustrated. I’m saving that for a later post.


Alison Carrier
The Simpsons: Tapped Out (iTunes, Android, Kindle)
Monopoly Hotels
Electronic Arts – Austin
UI/UX Design
MTAC, Middle Tennessee Anime Convention
Geek Media Expo, Nashville, TN
Tai Chi


American Horror Story“, FX
Selfie“, ABC
Bad Judge“, NBC


Understanding Comics“, Steve McCloud
Chicks Dig Gaming


World of Goo
Torchlight II
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


Big Hero 6
The Theory of Everything
Hot in Cleveland“, Season 6, TVLand
White Collar“, Season 6, USA

You can’t hold her back from being the woman she wants to be. The world’s going to do enough of that.

– Mike Baxter, “Last Man Standing“, ABC, Season 4, Episode 1 

Until next time, game on!
Regina and Rhonda

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2 thoughts on “Episode 136 – Alison Carrier – Renaissance Woman”

  1. As usual a thoroughly enjoyable episode and Alison was a marvellous guest, but I crave an indulgence. Now that Marvel's Carol Danvers will be following her DC sister, Diana Prince, onto the big screen, can I look forward to a segment on a future GoG episode where we hear your thoughts on these matters. I appreciate that it is still VERY early days and the treatment that Marvel & DC give to their respective characters is crucial, I am still anxious to know how both of you feel about the announcements of a cinematic CM & WW; excitement, trepidation, concerns? I admit that I was surprised that Regina hadn't voiced an opinion, as far as I know, regarding WB's WW announcements over the past months, but now that Carol is also 'suiting up' I feel that these are events that, at the very least, warrant a Rhonda fist pump, a 'segment' of their own or, may one hope, a dedicated episode.
    Regardless of my wants & needs, you still create a wonderful podcast. Keep up the sterling work.

  2. Thanks, Mike, for your comment! I've been waiting to get a little more info on some of these fantastic movie prospects before we talk about it on the show. I have gotten overly excited in the past just to be burned by either the execution or some really odd decision making. I think we are pretty much booked for shows for the rest of the year (I have to check with Rho about that) but we might be able to squeeze in a segment.

    In the meantime, thank you so much for listening and taking the time to give us some feedback. It means a great deal to know we are being heard. 🙂 (And that our opinions are valued!!)

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