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Episode 128 – Live Cast from Dragon Con with Mitch Hutts

This week, we share Rhonda’s live podcast from Dragon Con. On Sunday, August 31 at 4:00 pm, Rhonda was pleased to have Mitch Hutts as her guest. He is the brainchild behind all of the wonderful mixology on Geek & Sundry’s Critical Hit Cocktails vlog.

Rhonda attempts to make a Game On Girl cocktail. Although it’s not purple, it’s pretty tasty, but nothing compared to the dangerous Apple Pie Punch, a Dragon Con tradition, mixed by Mitch.

Game on Girl Brunch Cocktail

1.5 – 2 oz. Hpnotiq original liqueur
Sparkling wine
Pineapple juice, splash

Add Hpnotiq to a chilled flute glass.
Top with Sparkling wine, with room left for a splash of pineapple juice.

Until next time, game on!
Regina & Rhonda

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2 thoughts on “Episode 128 – Live Cast from Dragon Con with Mitch Hutts”

  1. Rhonda,
    What a warm, witty and generous host you are. Anyone listening would think you've been doing this all your life; so comfortable & relaxed, just marvellous.

    Thanks for a great ep

  2. Mike:
    Thank you so much. That means a lot to me. Thanks for taking the time to write me a note.
    Going to reward myself now with some bacon.

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