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Episode 84 – Kim Price from LoL

Have we got a fantastic episode for you this week! Honestly, we could have chatted for hours with Kim Price from The Ladies of Leet podcast! Listen to hear us discuss game podcasting, retro gaming parents, and more!

In our Gender Sells segment, we talk about two commercials and dancing hamsters that make the doc scratch her head.


Kia Soul Hamsters

Tide & Downey: The Princess Dress

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Until next time, game on!

Regina & Rhonda

2 thoughts on “Episode 84 – Kim Price from LoL”

  1. An add that drives me crazy when I hear/see it is some of the Microsoft Surface commercials. Not all of them, but some of them end with them having Siri saying "Do you still think I'm pretty?" and it just makes me incredibly offended.

  2. That commercial drives me nuts! Such a horrible stereotype. Women are so concerned with appearance that even female AI voices want to be pretty! Blech!

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