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Episode 76 – Jenny vs Xbox Live

not-in-the-kitchen-anymoreWe’re sure you remember Jenny Haniver from Not in the Kitchen Anymore from episode 71 but what you may not know is the fight she’s had with Xbox Live customer support. Listen to the episode to hear Jenny’s journey to get the attention of one of the largest online game services and their lackadaisical attitude toward very serious harassment. Check out her article for details and updates on the situation. Share your harassment stories here or head to Jenny’s site and let her know she’s fighting for a good cause.

This week, we WRaP and discuss filling in the summer with movies, games, and good books. Also, Regina posits her fifth season theory. Listen and chime in on the discussion in the comments!

Until next time, game on!
Regina & Rhonda

2 thoughts on “Episode 76 – Jenny vs Xbox Live”

  1. A listener asked me about an article I referenced regarding Riot's attempts to control gamer behavior. The article was in Vol. 2/ No. 1 of GEEK magazine called "Brain Bait: How Neuroscience is Changing the Future of Video Games".

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