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Episode 72 – Top Five Robots

This week we share our top five favorite robots. Some heroic, some dangerous, some beloved favorites, we discuss how robots help us better understand our own humanity. Listen and let us know who your favorite robots are in the comments.

Until next time, game on!

Regina & Rhonda

3 thoughts on “Episode 72 – Top Five Robots”

  1. Aw, The Walking Dead game disappointed you? It's one of my favorites! Oh well, to each their own. I loved it because of the emotional attachment I got to the characters, and several jaw dropping moments that made me stop and pause and sit in silence at what just happened. It is a game mostly of story and dialogue, and I can't imagine a "Mastery" player finding much to like in it, though. (I'm not sure which of these gamer types you are)

    Oh, and what about EDI from Mass Effect? Okay, she's an AI really, but she does get a cool robot body in ME3, and her and Joker's interactions, as well as her conversations with Shepard about humanity were among my favorite bits of that game. What was it? Something like, "Don't worry Shepard, I only forget to recycle the oxygen when I'm pondering something truly interesting." "…That was a joke."

  2. Thanks for your comment, Justin! I haven't played The Walking Dead game (I'm working on the comics right now) but what I read of them talked about how important story was to the game play. A very different take on gaming in general. I might have to check them out, even with Rhonda's aversion. 🙂

    You know what other game robot/AI I thought of after we recorded the episode? GLaDOS from Portal. I can't believe I didn't think about her! Silly human.

  3. I think EDI totally qualifies. Good call on that one.
    I may have to give "The Walking Dead" another try. I remember having those attachments to characters in Mass Effect. I approached "The Walking Dead" as a shooter and it's not that. Good feedback, Justin.

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