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Episode 57 – Dealing with Trolls

dont-feed-the-trollTrolls and Trolling. It’s been a hot topic in the game community over the past few months. Two well publicized incidents happened in the same weekend at different cons. We talk about both in this episode and share some strategies for dealing with trolls.

Read Meagan Marie’s original article and commentary here, “What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?”

Read about Adria Richard’s experience here, “Fired SendGrid Developer Adria Richards Speaks Out.”

We’d love to hear your strategies and thoughts about these two incidents in the comments.

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Regina & Rhonda

4 thoughts on “Episode 57 – Dealing with Trolls”

  1. I really enjoyed this episode. It's sad that a welcoming place like PAX had to be a place of disgusting behavior. That said, the PAX folks are great at being proactive and professional in dealing with the bad apples. (I know they helped me out with a bully I've been dealing with for the past year to have a productive PAX East this year).

  2. Thanks, Chris. I really enjoyed recording this episode. I like it when Rhonda and I come at the same topic from such different angles. 🙂

    This year was my first experience really "working" at PAX. I'd had a media pass before but it's a different thing when you are presenting a panel. I got to see the Enforcers in action and I was beyond impressed with how they handled everything. Very professional and considerate, even more so than many of the people running academic conferences I've been to in the past. I am glad they stepped up in this situation as well. It really speaks highly of the type of community they want to build.

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