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Epsisode 38 – Wreck It Ralph

This week we talk about the hit holiday film, Wreck it Ralph from Disney Animation Studios.

We talk about heroes, villains, good story development, and great characters. If you’re wondering how Wreck it Ralph is a feminist film, then listen in and find out.

Until next time, Game on!
Regina & Rhonda

2 thoughts on “Epsisode 38 – Wreck It Ralph”

  1. We took the kids to see the movie the day before Thanksgiving and loved it!
    D-1 enjoyed the soundtrack and particularly the J-Pop music for the Sugar Rush game. She's keen to buy it the soundtrack. She also thought it was awesome the way the characters could travel between games. She says the cy-bugs were pretty neat the way they morphed into whatever they ate. Candy cane cy-bugs were her favorite.

    D-2 loved the come-from-behind story of the cart racer, Vanelope von Schweetz. She also thought it was a stitch to see Fix-It Felix try to break out of jail only to fix the bars more securely. And, true to her desire for reconciliation, she thought it was great that Sgt. Calhoun and Fix-It Felix got married at the end.

    I was surprised at the revelation that King Kandy was Turbo. Then I was surprised that it surprised me. It seemed so obvious… after the fact. That's excellent story-crafting that I was so drawn by the present scenario that I didn't spend a second removing myself from the plot in order to analyze it. "King Kandy is TURBO??!! No way!!!" Nicely done.
    I also thought Sgt. Calhoun was great. Tough as nails, a mouth like a sailor, and completely flummoxed by Felix's nerdy gentility. That was a fun relationship to watch blossoming.

    D-3 liked the candy and the cart racing. Hubby wanted an opportunity to blast a bunch of those cy-bugs.
    We all liked Sour Bill.

  2. I was totally caught off guard by the Turbo reveal as well (even more so when I found out who did his voice!) Then I thought back and realized the subtle hints they were giving, "Don't go Turbo!" and his short back story. It was a perfectly natural progression and I was delighted that I was so caught up with Ralph and Venelope's story that the analysis didn't even cross my mind. I am going to go see it again this weekend just to revel in the music and the fantastic story.

    Don't we all feel like Sour Bill on some days? 🙂

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