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Episode 15 – A Gamer Family: Saving the Universe

gamer-famIn episode 15, we introduce you to a gaming family: daughters Anna (8), Ellie (12), and Rebekah (14) and parents, Erin and Steve. Listen to the girls talk about their love of board games, Legos, and sword fighting adventures.

We start the show out with our pop culture segment, where we discuss a new Disney movie coming out in November.

Our Twitter and Facebook discussions were about Gamification, in honor of our guest from Episode EightEndorphin Dude (Tony Nguyen) finishing his first 100 miler! Listen to hear how gamification does and doesn’t work for our listeners.

We’d love to hear your stories about gaming with your family in the comments. What are your favorite games to play with family? My mom loves to play Five Crowns every time I visit. I’m thinking about taking Rebekah’s suggestion of Sleeping Queens with me on my next trip home.

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Until next time, Game On!
Regina and Rhonda

1 thought on “Episode 15 – A Gamer Family: Saving the Universe”

  1. My family has always been into gaming together. When I was a kid, we'd play Sorry, Life, Clue, and Monopoly whenever we were in the mood for a game. We didn't have any regular game night set up, though. My sister and I liked to get together with the neighbor kids to play whatever they had, too. Some of our neighbors preferred card games to board games, and being kids, Bullshit was always our favorite to play. If parents were around we'd play Hearts, War, or Spades. Now that we are adults and out of the house, whenever we get together we play Pegs & Jokers, which is my parents' new favorite game. They even got my husband into it enough to make his own custom set of boards and pegs.

    My best friend's family got me into D&D (2nd edition!) and with various groups of friends over the years, we'd play the occasional pen & paper rpg.

    My grandparents were also always good for a game. My sister and I would spend our summers with them and we'd play games whenever we'd get together with the extended family. My grandparents are fond of Canasta (I still don't understand how to play this one), 10,000 (my favorite dice game), Scrabble, and Sequence. Years later, I'd go on to marry a guy whose father was a designer working on Sequence. Now we play on one of the original prototype (fabric!) boards.

    My grandmother-in-law loves Gin. We used to get together and play about once a month before my son was born.

    Now that I have my own little family, our games have changed from board and dice games to video games, which are easier for a non-reader to enjoy. So we play Skylanders, Fruit Ninja, and Plants vs Zombies with him. We're looking forward to many, many years gaming together.

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