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Episode 13 – Holistic Interconnections: Rowan Kaiser

Rowan’s D3 Barbarian (Featured Image)

This week on Game on Girl, we interview Rowan Kaiser, media critic and staff writer for the AV Club.

We continue the discussion of hardcore vs. casual gamers, adding in Rowan’s observation about how those definitions prioritize personal experience. We also touch on emergent and imbedded game narratives and mastery exploitation. A very provocative interview and some great additions to our on-going discussions.

For our pop culture feature, we discuss The New York Times article by Chris Sullentrop, “Joystick or Leash: It’s All About Love.” A great piece that touches on how pretty much any daily activity can be viewed as a game.

From our cyber-mailbag we discuss your Facebook and Twitter responses to the question: What compromises do you make when you can’t design your own avatar? Does it impact how you engage with a game? Your answers shed even more light on identity in-game.

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