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Weld Then: Wonder Woman’s Bracelets

When it comes to Golden Age Wonder Woman, people have devoted a great deal of attention to creator William Moulton Marston’s unconventional lifestyle and his beliefs. A lot of that attention is paid to the number of scenes in which Wonder Woman is tied up and must escape. Bondage is certainly a primary source of… Continue reading Weld Then: Wonder Woman’s Bracelets

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With Respect to Marston

After my last post, people may have the impression that I don’t appreciate Marston-era Wonder Woman, and I want to be sure that is cleared up. I appreciate Marston’s creation. I appreciate the complexity that he gave the character from the moment he created her. A simpler character most likely would not have endured 75… Continue reading With Respect to Marston

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Wonder Woman’s Roots: Compassionate Warrior or Lovefool?

In “Introducing Wonder Woman” William Moulton Marston builds the foundation of Wonder Woman mythology—of which one of the cornerstones is the Amazon origin story. According to the queen of the Amazons and Wonder woman’s mother, Hippolyte, Hercules was insulted by barbs that even he could not vanquish the Amazons, so he traveled (with his army)… Continue reading Wonder Woman’s Roots: Compassionate Warrior or Lovefool?