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Geeking on the Go: Grand Prix Las Vegas

Greetings, and welcome to the second part of my 2-piece series on exceedingly nerdy travels. For this bit, let's focus on one particular MTG tournament. No, let's move beyond that. Let's talk about THE MTG tournament. One of the greatest community-held events ever: Grand Prix Las Vegas. Wizards of the Coast-to-Coast First off, you'll remember¬†from… Continue reading Geeking on the Go: Grand Prix Las Vegas

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Geeking on the Go: SCGcon

Howdy, everyone! Guess who's back from a convention tour? I am...yeah, my name is right there. Anticlimactic. I had the pleasure and good fortune to travel to 2 different conventions over the past few weeks. Specifically, Magic: the Gathering conventions. Games were played, friends were made, product bought, connections reestablished, and the inevitable con flu… Continue reading Geeking on the Go: SCGcon

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Episode 138 – Holiday Playlist

In anticipation of the quickly approaching Holidaze, Rhonda and I invite fearless intern, Isabela, to join us for our holiday playlist episode. Starting an annual tradition, we make suggestions to help pass the time traveling to visit family and friends this year using your favorite electronic device or your favorite old-fashioned device like a paperback… Continue reading Episode 138 – Holiday Playlist