About a month back, Sheldon Menery of the EDH rules committee released an article on the Star City Games website. In it, he listed a few cards that would likely elicit a groan in a typical EDH game. He dubbed these “Commander Cards You Shouldn’t Play,” which, as he admits in the article, is a bit provocative. When I first saw this title I, like many others, was a tad miffed at the implications. “You’re telling me how I should have fun? Sir, you insult me!” However, Menery makes it clear he’s not on a fun-quisition or trying to strangle casual play. Within the listed cards are some notableRead More →

stack of books

Recently, I was listening to the Nerdette podcast and came across an episode where the hosts interviewed Peter Sagal. I actually enjoyed the interview as a whole, but something Mr. Sagal casually said in the beginning irked me and, weeks later, still sticks in my craw. It came at the end of an explanation of how “nerds” these days have it so much easier than he did as a boy: “Guys, you’re not nerds; you’re fans, you’re enthusiasts.” What? Hold on a second. I have a huge problem with people denying others the right to claim the labels they wish to, be it nerd orRead More →