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EDH Banned and Restricted update

On 8 July 2019, the EDH rules committee made a surprise announcement updating the Banned and Restricted list. Iona, Shield of Emeria and Paradox Engine were both banned, with Painter's Servant coming off the banlist. All of these cards have incredibly powerful and abusable effects, and this shift is already making big waves. Let's take… Continue reading EDH Banned and Restricted update

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Magic: the Gathering — Modern Horizons

Modern Horizons, the upcoming summer Magic: the Gathering set aimed directly at the modern format, is not here to play nice. This is the first set released exclusively for modern, and players of all formats are hyped. Powerful new cards are being introduced to the game, and old favorites get a new lease on life.… Continue reading Magic: the Gathering — Modern Horizons

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You’re Having Fun Wrong: A Response

About a month back, Sheldon Menery of the EDH rules committee released an article on the Star City Games website. In it, he listed a few cards that would likely elicit a groan in a typical EDH game. He dubbed these "Commander Cards You Shouldn't Play," which, as he admits in the article, is a… Continue reading You’re Having Fun Wrong: A Response

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Reconnection and Rebirth

Last month, I had an extended trip back to my hometown: the bustling metropolis of Naugatuck, Connecticut.  I helped my parents pack up my childhood home in advance of its sale, and was a groomsman in my sister's wedding.  I expected it to be an emotionally difficult trip.  Conventional wisdom says that going back home… Continue reading Reconnection and Rebirth