Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in The Shining
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Shine on, you scary diamond: Stephen King’s “The Shining”

When I was younger, I liked to read. Scratch that, I loved to read. If I found a book I loved or a story I adored, I wouldn't put it down. Seriously, bookworms know of the learned skill of successfully navigating crowded hallways and classrooms with your nose stuck between pages. (Books are great, kids.… Continue reading Shine on, you scary diamond: Stephen King’s “The Shining”

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Good Words: Literary Devices – Imagery

Imagery Good Words returns with a new series: Literary Devices, the approaches our favorite authors use to bring our favorite worlds to life. Literary devices range far and wide. Often times we hear these terms used in casual conversation without a complete understanding of the definitions or purpose. With this series, we aim to help… Continue reading Good Words: Literary Devices – Imagery

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Read Comics, Learn Lit

Recently at the grad school where I teach, I attended a prospective-student event in which the faculty introduced ourselves by including not where we got our Ph.D.s, but by something much more important: our favorite cartoon characters. The first words out of my mouth were “Wonder Woman,” whose history veiled in mystery Smithsonian Magazine disclosed… Continue reading Read Comics, Learn Lit