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Why I Roleplay Women

Character Creation Let's get this out of the way first because I need to display my biases and privileges before you read this piece.  I am a straight, cis-gendered, Latino male.  At age 32, I am on the older edge of the Millenial generation.  Gaming is a lifelong hobby of mine, primarily of the pen-and-paper… Continue reading Why I Roleplay Women

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You Might Call Me a Casual Gamer, and That’s OK

This is the game screen on my iPhone. And I spend the majority of my free time lately gaming here. For many people, that would make me not a gamer. Social and mobile gaming is considered by many not to be  "true" gaming, or not "hardcore" or "core," or somehow lacking in significance. Many people… Continue reading You Might Call Me a Casual Gamer, and That’s OK

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Episode 121 – Toni Lesatz: My Book Addiction

This week, we chat with writer, gamer, blogger, and mom, Toni Lesatz from My Book Addiction. We have a great chat about writing, gaming, and website promotions. LINKS GameFly Goodreads Sewer Shark Into the Dead Zombie Gunship For Toni Lesatz: MyBookAddiction Facebook Goodreads Google+ Instagram Pinterest Twitter Youtube SUMMER BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS BEACH Blood Sucking Fiends… Continue reading Episode 121 – Toni Lesatz: My Book Addiction

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I play sometimes, but. . .

I’m not a gamer. Recently I was re-listening to Game on Girl’s great interview with author Genese Davis (episode 62) and was struck by their conversation about the term “gamer.”  They were discussing how culture often perceives “gamers” as anti-social misfits living in their parents’ basement and playing non-stop.  This is a fairly common discussion… Continue reading I play sometimes, but. . .

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The real reason for auto-follow (or how I game as a Mom)

I’m not a Blizzard employee or long-time player (yet), so don’t know the actually reasoning behind the follow feature in World of Warcraft.  However, based on my experience, I choose to believe it was created for moms who want to play an MMORPG, but don’t want to be Clara (of The Guild). My friend Sara… Continue reading The real reason for auto-follow (or how I game as a Mom)