game of thrones jon snow daenerys targaryen

Fan theories and predictions have been swirling around Game of Thrones ever since the show diverged from the books in Season 5. Here are some of the biggest theories and plot point predictions and whether or not we think they hold any weight. Cersei is not actually pregnant: Likely Cersei is one of the best liars ever conceived. She’ll do anything to get her way, including misleading those around her. And what better way to gain sympathy than pretending to be pregnant? Daenerys is pregnant: Likely If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Game of Thrones, it’s that if something is said repeatedly throughout theRead More →

game of thrones daenerys targaryen

Each of the remaining major characters in Game of Thrones has a pivotal scene that has changed them from who they were at the beginning of the show to who they are leading into the final season. This scene for Daenerys is the ending scene of episode 4 of season 3. The Lead Up Season 3 sees Daenerys arrive in Astapor after leaving Qarth at the end of season 2. Astapor is home to the largest and most respected army known as the Unsullied. She has dragons and a bit of gold, so the next item on her list is securing an army. The onlyRead More →