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Capes & Baskets: What Fairy Tales Can Teach Us about Superheroes Were you unable to attend Geek Girl Con or Wizard World in Portland, Oregon? Have you always wanted to see The Geek Embassy’s ambassadors in action? Well, now is your chance! For our recent presentation in Portland, I was able to record our panel on my phone on a mini tripod recommended by a photographer friend of the show, Andrew. The sound isn’t great but I think you can hear each of us well enough. Isabela is the faintest since she is farthest from the mic. I truly adore this presentation. It represents theRead More →


Celebrity panels are one of my favorite things about going to cons. Seeing celebs in real time, fielding questions from random fans, and telling stories…. I just can’t get enough of it. I know for a lot of people who go to cons the experience is more about the story or the art, about finding new and lesser known comics that you might just fall in love with. I enjoy all of that too but there is just something about the draw of celebrity that keeps me heading into those over-sized ballrooms where I can spend an hour being regaled by stories from someone famous. ItRead More →


My first comic book convention was New York Comic Con back in 2007, in its second year of existence.  I got my Runaways deluxe hardcovers signed by Brian K. Vaughan, and I was hooked on cons ever since.  Since 2007, I’ve been to NYCC 7 times, and three times each to San Diego, Emerald City, and Rose City.  I love cons, but after 10 years, con fatigue starts to set in.  Things aren’t as fun as they used to be, and waiting in line for autographs and panels really starts to grind on you. Me From Ten Years Ago loved the bigger, flashier conventions.  I’mRead More →


For September, we close out summer talking about our favorite geeky amusements from the season and delve into a conversation about conventions. We discuss books we are reading, and one someone is writing. We talk about games we’ve been playing; lots of phone and board games including Pandemic: The Cure. Binge watching addictions and series that may depend too heavily on nostalgia for some. In our discussions of the recent cons we’ve attended, we discuss what makes a con work and what stands out as a failure. Regina and Isabela talk about their first experience at Rose City Comic Con (they plan to go next year)Read More →


If you’re a geek, you’ve probably dabbled in costuming. Maybe like me, as a child you fashioned a bath towel into a cape to play Batman. (Or Robin, when my older brother told me there was only one Batman and I had to be Robin because I was younger and smaller. Too bad I didn’t know about the Multiverse… but I’m not bitter.) Maybe Halloween was your only costume each year, so you became a favorite character from Star Trek, Ghostbusters, or Buffy. We’re drawn to the characters in our favorite stories and enjoy opportunities to be them. Cons provide the perfect opportunity to flexRead More →

Unlike Regina, I am not a keeper. I’m probably the opposite. Efficient, pratical… very Spock like. This doesn’t mean change is easier for me. I do have a lot of passion so the sting of a bandaid is not different. The podcast is really only a small part of GameOnGirl. What I enjoy the most is representing GameOnGirl, geeks, and gamers at cons, speaking about the issues in the community, and meeting and learning from people. The goal is to create a better community for everyone and I enjoy doing that. GameOnGirl is not my job even though I spend about 20 hours a weekRead More →

This week, Rhonda reports about her experiences at ConGregate, a fan con in Winstom-Salem, North Carolina. Listen to hear all about this great experience! We continue our summer book recommendations based on your vacation destination of choice. Links Con*Gregate Laura Haywood-Cory with Baen Books Allegra Liana, the Chainmail Chick Randy Richards, Paul Revere: The Zombies Are Coming Tricia Barr is FanGirl Edmund Schubert Emily Lavin Leverett, editor and author Janine K. Spendlove Doc Geressy, The Sci-Fried Eggs show Larry Correia Stuart Jaffe Paula S. Jordan on DarkCargo SUMMER BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS BEACH Let’s Pretend this Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (The Blogess) I, Robot by IsaacRead More →

  This week, Rhonda reports in about UtopYA Con, a young adult and new adult fiction writers convention she attended in Nashville. Check out these links for a glimpse into the great resources available at this con. utopYA Con Tickets for utopYA 2015: Write Your Own Future Social Deviants, social marketing company Gennifer Albin, author, “Crewel”, “Altered” Sylvia Day, author, “Crossfire” series Myra McEntire, author, the “Hourglass” series Delphina Miyares, blogger, Delphina Reads Too Much G. P. Ching, author, the “Soulkeepers” series Keary Taylor, author, the Eden trilogy, the Fall of Angels trilogy Toni Lesatz, blogger, My Book Addiction Celeste Hayes, author, the Sphinx and TreviRead More →

If you have a geeky interest, there’s a con out there for you.   This week we discuss some of the cons we plan to attend and some we dream of attending. Here are some great web sites for con calendars: UpComingCons – cons listed by genre SciFiConventions – search by geographic region and time of year GeekCalendar – several ways to search for a con Before Going to a Con Make sure the con has a web site or contact information so you can verify the con Make sure tickets are not sold out Find out if it’s family friendly or not Don’t waitRead More →

Hooray! Thanks to the wonderful people at MMO Reporter, we have a complete video of the panel I moderated at PAX Prime this year. This is seriously exciting because we lost the audio for the panel so I wasn’t able to review it myself. Better, even, I get to review the question and answer section which is always my favorite part of presenting because the audience always comes up with the best questions that really get me thinking about things. How awesome is that?   I forgot at the end of the panel to reveal the gamer types of our panelists. So I’ll ask youRead More →