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Episode 149 – LIVE July Hangout

Hey Everyone! Here is our latest Google+ Hangout in both audio and video format. You can watch the video or listen to the episode here or on the YouTube page or Podbean feed. Thanks so much to the handful of you who watched the July Hangout live. We had a full house on air and… Continue reading Episode 149 – LIVE July Hangout

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Episode 122 – Con*Gregate

This week, Rhonda reports about her experiences at ConGregate, a fan con in Winstom-Salem, North Carolina. Listen to hear all about this great experience! We continue our summer book recommendations based on your vacation destination of choice. Links Con*Gregate Laura Haywood-Cory with Baen Books Allegra Liana, the Chainmail Chick Randy Richards, Paul Revere: The Zombies… Continue reading Episode 122 – Con*Gregate