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Daylight Writing #3: Protagonist Archetypes

It’s number three, and that is the number of archetypes we’ll be looking at today! Or, more specifically, the number of protagonist archetypes. Yep, we’re not done with the protag yet, but I promise, we’re nearly there! Anyway, this may come as a surprise to you, but there is more than one way to have… Continue reading Daylight Writing #3: Protagonist Archetypes

Write, Story

Good Words: Antiheroes & Antivillains

Antiheroes and Antivillains. One of these terms I'm sure you've heard before. We've discussed antiheroes many times in the podcasts and hangouts we've recorded over the years. But what about the other term, antivillains? Before this discussion, I had never come across the term "antivillain" before Evan brought it up for this discussion. It's a… Continue reading Good Words: Antiheroes & Antivillains