Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this month’s hangout about our musical autobiographies due to some family issues. However, Regina and I talked a bit and thought it was a good idea for me to share them here in writing. I know it’s not the same as a back and forth discussion, but I guess it’s a little bit of an insight into me. So here we go! What is the earliest main stream song you remember liking? For me, that would probably be a Kiss song. But since they weren’t quite that mainstream of a band, my other option would have to be ABBA. InRead More →


On last weeks Google Hangout we talked a little bit about a couple of my hobbies, music and guitar. So I thought I would talk about it a bit. I want to reflect on how my appreciation of music led me to being able to write and play my own music. I have always loved music. When I was a little kid, I couldn’t get enough of Kiss. Obviously a lot of the appeal was the theatrics, but that didn’t mean that the music didn’t speak to me on a fundamental level. And it wasn’t just Kiss. My other favorite band from that time was ABBA. SoRead More →