This week, Game on Girl talks to married gamers, Scott and Kat. Check out this episode where we discuss the dynamics of gaming as a couple, including gaming with a guild and friends on and offline.  Scott and Kat share their experiences playing games like Diablo III, Borderlands, World of Warcraft together and redefine modern love. We’ve added a couple of new features to the show this week including a section where we share listener feedback on previous episodes and responses to the questions we’ve posed about gaming and game culture on Twitter. This week’s Twitter questions we discuss are “Do you role play inRead More →

In the fourth short episode of Game on Girl, we discuss our first impressions of Diablo III. We talk about game play, graphics, overall design and, of course, gender. We discuss differences in female versus male avatars, in particular the differences in the starting outfits of the demon hunters and the wizards. What do you think of the differences between these avatars? Let us know on Twitter at @game_on_girl or in the comments. Don’t forget, Game on Girl is now on Stitcher so you can now stream our show to your mobile device. Like us on Facebook! Subscribe to iTunes or the RSS Feed. Until next time, Game On! Regina and RhondaRead More →

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Hello Everyone! In the eighth episode of Game on Girl, we take on a broader topic in game culture: Gamification. Hear Endorphin Dude, Tony Nguyen, talk about reaching Titanium Marathon status and how gaming helped him get there. Here are the links we reference throughout the show: PopCap / Twitter – Makers of Bejewled Blitz, Plants vs Zombies, and awesome playing cards Game on Girl Steam Group – Come game with us! Extra Credits – Gamification Episode Zombie Run – Portland OR Zombies Run Game – Get chased by zombies as Runner #5 Tony’s Facebook Page and Twitter If you are using Gamification in a new and interesting wayRead More →

Hello everyone and thanks for checking out episode 3 of Game on Girl Shorts! In this show, Rhonda and I review a new iPad/iPhone game from Grubby Hands called Boy loves Girl. You can read Rhonda’s review here. So my review has three categories: Things I Love about the game, Game Mechanics, and as always, Gender. Love I love the graphics for the game. They are crisp, clean, and easy on the eyes. The scrolling backgrounds don’t move too quickly or distract from game play but offer a very natural sensation of running through the landscape of each level. The narrative of the game isRead More →

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Welcome to Episode 7 of Game on Girl! This week we talk to the most elusive of the player types: the Role Player.   Sharon is one of the original participants in my research study and I was delighted that we got a chance to talk again. She shares many insights into the culture of Role Playing in MMORPGs, both in current games like Star Wars: The Old Republic and older games like Necron, Horizons, and Star Wars: Galaxies. Take a listen and let us know what you think! Are you going to try some role playing now?  I am already thinking up back-story ideas forRead More →

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Hello Everyone, Rhonda and I made another short episode talking about what it’s like to kill female NPCs or to kill your own teammates (and friends!) in-game.  Take a listen and tell us what you think!   Have you ever hesitated before you attacked an NPC? What were the circumstances? What kind of character or game mechanic made you hesitate? And why? Tell us what you think in the comments! Until next time, Game On! Regina & RhondaRead More →

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Hello Everyone and Thank You for Checking out Episode Six of Game on Girl! I am very excited about this week’s guest, Michele, because her interview marks a further step in expanding and embracing of the ideas in my research. Michele is transgender and in this episode she discusses her experiences and how her gaming changed throughout her own transition. If you’d like to read more about Michele, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter. If you have question about what it means to be trans, check out a website recommended by Michele – Transsexual Road Map – or take a look at TrueRead More →

Hello, everyone! Hey, look!  Rhonda and I got excited and we made a thing! GoG Shorts – Game on Girl’s Gaming in Pop Culture Segment gets its own episode!  This is a quick, 10 minute piece where Rhonda and I talk about this amazing kid, I’m sure you heard about him, who made his own arcade out of cardboard boxes. Click the picture to link to Caine’s where you can watch the short film that Rhonda and I discuss and donate to Caine’s college fund.  Really, you should buy a fun pass. We should ALL buy fun passes for $2 and get this kidRead More →

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Hello Everyone and welcome to Episode Five of Game on Girl! This week marks a first for us on multiple fronts. First, we are interviewing LIVE gamers instead of going back through the dissertation interviews. And second, those gamers are GUYS! I know!  So exciting! A warm welcome and huge thanks to Mark and Ryan for being on the show! We truly enjoyed it and hope they’ll come back again! Here are some of the links we talk about during this episode: NewbCast Gaming Podcast – Check Regina out on Episode 9! 30 Rock – St. Patrick’s Day – Season Six, Episode 12 Regina’s StarRead More →

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Episode Four of Game on Girl! This episode takes on one of our favorite pop culture representations of gaming, gamers, and game culture: The Guild. Episodes from The Guild we discuss: The Self Players – The Knights of Good Season One Finale, Episode 10: Boss Fight The Mastery Players – The Axis of Anarchy Season Three, Episode 11: Battle Royale The Role Players – Applicants for The Guild Season Three, Episode 5: Application’d Descriptions of the Gamer Types can be found here. Felicia Day’s New YouTube Channel: GeekAndSundry. Gaming in Popular Culture: Our new segment where we discuss how gaming isRead More →