One of the most intriguing things I discovered through my dissertation research was the different ways the women I interviewed played MMORPGs.*  It wasn’t a total surprise that not all of them were raiders, or engaged in end-game content or high-level dungeons.  I knew there were plenty of people that looked at MMOs as less solitary versions of “sandbox” games; those players who collect pets or level multiple alts, or who find role playing and creating back stories for their characters the most compelling reasons to enter the world. This, of course, forced me to consider my own gaming approach.  My gaming history, which I discuss inRead More →

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Greetings Gamers and welcome to Episode 2 of Game on Girl! So the second show ended up taking a slightly different path than I originally expected.  Instead of jumping back into the interviews I did for my dissertation, I turned the tables and had my new co-host, Rhonda, interview me with many of the same questions I asked during the original interviews!  So give it a listen and let me know what you think! Links of interest: The Guild PAX Prime (Penny Arcade Expo) ECCC – Emerald City ComiCon and The Blue Star of Awesome from @wilw Stats for Brink character creation engine. @game_on_girl –Read More →

Hello everyone and welcome to Game on Girl the podcast! Episode #1 – What Does it Mean to be a gamer? Please follow and subscribe to my new podcast available here or click play on the player below!  This first show discusses two of the main questions from the interviews, namely “How do you define a gamer?” and “What does it mean to be a gamer?”  This episode is a compilation of the interviews I conducted but as the show evolves I’ll be conducting new interviews.  If you’d like to chat about gaming, and game culture, send me an email. Here are some links that are relevantRead More →