Rowan’s D3 Barbarian (Featured Image) This week on Game on Girl, we interview Rowan Kaiser, media critic and staff writer for the AV Club. We continue the discussion of hardcore vs. casual gamers, adding in Rowan’s observation about how those definitions prioritize personal experience. We also touch on emergent and imbedded game narratives and mastery exploitation. A very provocative interview and some great additions to our on-going discussions. For our pop culture feature, we discuss The New York Times article by Chris Sullentrop, “Joystick or Leash: It’s All About Love.” A great piece that touches on how pretty much any daily activity can be viewedRead More →

In this week’s short episode, we talk to Grethade, a member of NewbCast Gaming’s podcast, about a panel discussing Women Gamers at Convergence Con in Bloomington, Minnesota. He reports how many of the same issues we talk about on the show were discussed, including how all gamers need to work together to stop harassment, and some male perspectives about playing female avatars. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on the episode. Leave a comment here or Drop us a Tweet @game_on_girl. Game on Girl is on Stitcher so you can stream our show to your mobile device or subscribe via iTunes or the RSS Feed. Like us on Facebook! Until next time, Game On! Regina andRead More →

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This week, Rhonda and I take on two very common terms in game culture: casual and hardcore gamers. We talk with Toria and Mellisa about how they define a gamer, fandom, game culture, and game play. I must say this episode is full of excellent observations and more than a few fits of giggling. Truly an enjoyable episode to record and one I hope you’ll enjoy. From our cyber-mailbox, we further discuss the complications from losing your identity in game as we touched on in GoG Short #7 – For All the Toons We’ve Loved Before – and your responses to this week’s Twitter question:Read More →

In Game on Girl Shorts #7, Rhonda and I discuss what it’s like to lose an avatar. Rhonda shares her story of losing her FemShep when her PlayStation3 crashed. We discuss how and why we connect to our avatars, how creating a character you play is very similar to how authors create their characters in the stories they tell, and how we’ve heard similar stories from other gamers about how this impacts how you view a game. We hope with this short episode to explore a new theme and hear more of your stories about what it is like to lose a character. How doRead More →

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In episode 11, Rhonda and I talk to writer, mother, gamer, and Ph.D. candidate Sandi Glahn. We discuss the evolution and origins of gender stereotypes and gender roles. We talk in depth in this episode about the cultural differences of gender stereotypes, how they’ve changed and not changed over many years, and about our own experiences (all three of us) bucking against gendered expectations. We also touch some more on the use of female images in the marketing of E3 and some of the topics we will cover in upcoming episodes, including casual vs hardcore definitions and gamer girl on gamer girl hate. We alsoRead More →

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In our sixth short episode, Rhonda and I talk about our avatars in celebration of a new feature on the website – an avatar gallery! Since so much of what we talk about is the creation process and choices gamers make about their avatars, we thought it was about time to have a space where we could actually see some of these examples. To start us off right, we share our own stories and some pictures of our favorite avatars. Check out the episode to hear us discuss our own process in selecting and making avatars (I know – the D3 is cheating a littleRead More →

Check out this week’s episode of Game On Girl where we talk to Jerry about his experiences as a role player and a male gamer who plays female avatars. Jerry is an Anthropology student and a writer at P4. – Gain Experience. Jerry is a role player and an artist, all aspects of his offline life that impact how he approaches gaming. Along with a great conversation about role play characters, we share some feedback from episode 9, Happily After End Game, and a fantastic Twitter conversation about sexualized female and male avatars that evolved out of our short episode on the contrasting female images thatRead More →

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This week our short episode takes on the game industry and its marketing tactics. Specifically, Rhonda and I discuss the E3 trailers for these two games: Tomb Raider Crossroads and Far Cry 3. As many of you who have followed the site and my research already know, I am generally very celebratory about game culture. I think that gaming is a wonderful way people can learn about themselves, how to solve problems, and explore their identity. However, I often take issue with how games are marketed. This year’s E3 pressers leave me cold looking at how female characters are displayed and the uneven reactions theseRead More →

This week, Game on Girl talks to married gamers, Scott and Kat. Check out this episode where we discuss the dynamics of gaming as a couple, including gaming with a guild and friends on and offline.  Scott and Kat share their experiences playing games like Diablo III, Borderlands, World of Warcraft together and redefine modern love. We’ve added a couple of new features to the show this week including a section where we share listener feedback on previous episodes and responses to the questions we’ve posed about gaming and game culture on Twitter. This week’s Twitter questions we discuss are “Do you role play inRead More →

In the fourth short episode of Game on Girl, we discuss our first impressions of Diablo III. We talk about game play, graphics, overall design and, of course, gender. We discuss differences in female versus male avatars, in particular the differences in the starting outfits of the demon hunters and the wizards. What do you think of the differences between these avatars? Let us know on Twitter at @game_on_girl or in the comments. Don’t forget, Game on Girl is now on Stitcher so you can now stream our show to your mobile device. Like us on Facebook! Subscribe to iTunes or the RSS Feed. Until next time, Game On! Regina and RhondaRead More →