Ok ok. Not *that* kind of busy. ūüôā Last week was a bit of a whirlwind for me. So here is a round-up of things I did with some awesome people around the internet. First, I live streamed some Left 4 Dead 2 with Grethade from Newbcast Gaming. You can check that out on his YouTube channel here but the best part, for me at least, was using the graffti art setting in L4D2 to spray paint GiGi all over the place. Here is a screen shot of that: We had a long run – the map took us almost two hours to finish –Read More →

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I’ve charged my way over here because I was unable to leave a comment on a USA TODAY news article without having a Facebook account. I don’t know the point in that and, since it makes me furious, I’m going to quicky move away from a rant about trying to understand it. Anyway. October 1, 2012, USA Today, “Women display growing clout in mobile video games”, Mike Snider Here are the comments I couldn’t leave on your article, Mr. Snider: ‚ÄúAnd women gravitate to games that were designed for the (mobile) platform because they are much more intuitive to them.‚ÄĚ – Travis Boatman, senior vpRead More →

Very exciting episode this week! We have the honor of talking to¬†Jessica Merizan, community manager at¬†BioWare! She’s worked on two of our favorite franchises:¬†Mass Effect¬†and¬†Dragon Age! Listen to hear stories about working in the games industry, more stories from¬†GeekGirlCon, and some great info about a certain BioWare game controversy. WARNING: There are spoilers. Be prepared. Also, follow Jessica on Twitter! And check out Try this at Home with Crab Cat Industries¬†on YouTube! As always, we love your feedback. Leave a comment here¬†or drop us a Tweet¬†@game_on_girl. Game on Girl is on¬†Stitcher¬†so you can stream our show to your mobile device or subscribe via¬†iTunes¬†or the¬†RSS Feed.Read More →

Greetings gamers! Check out the latest episode of Game on Girl where we talk about¬†Borderlands 2¬†from¬†Gearbox. We share impressions of game play, story, graphics, and characters. If you’re not playing and Borderlands 2 isn’t on your must buy list, you are missing out! We’d love to hear your impressions of the game, how it compares to the original, and whether you agree or disagree with our discussion. Share your thoughts in the comments here, email us at regina@gameongirl.com, or send us a Tweet @game_on_girl Come play with The Doc on Steam and join our group! Until next time, game on! Regina & RhondaRead More →

One of the most practical and valuable panels I attended at DragonCon was in the Video Gaming Track called ‚ÄúGetting Into the Video Games Industry‚ÄĚ. Those enduring souls that attended this on the last day of the Con were well rewarded. The panel contained a range of disciplines in the video game industry. Billy Bramer, Gameplay Programmer, Epic Games Jim Brown, Designer, Epic Games Chris Avellone, Chief Creative Officer, Obsidian Entertainment Steve Jaros, Creative Director, Volition, Inc. David Gaider, Lead Design Writer, Bioware Preston Thorne, Tech Support Manager, Epic Games Each shared how they got into the industry, including the mistakes they made, and gaveRead More →

For episode 29, we were honored to have the chance to speak with Lynn Hogan. Lynn is an artist, author and gamer and she shares stories about working in the game industry and publishing her own graphic novel. This is a sample of some work that Lynn did for PopCap. (Of course, I picked the artwork from one of my all time favorite games: Bejeweled Blitz!) She’s also recently published a graphic novel through SofaWolf Press, Prydwen: Gods & Monsters, which is a collection of her comics from deadbeatgods.com. Some fantastic material here so make sure to check it out! We also share your feedbackRead More →

This week, Rhonda and I take on the task of explaining the basics of Game Culture to the¬†uninitiated. We talk basic gaming terms and concepts that keep us returning to gaming game after game. Use this episode to explain to your non-gamer friends and family what and how and why you game. Let us know if we missed your favorite reason or motivation for gaming and we’ll do a follow-up show with your feedback! Until next time, game on! Regina and RhondaRead More →

This week, Rhonda and I talk about two cons we attended on opposite sides of the country on the same weekend. Rhonda reports on her three favorite panels from DragonCon (one with a very special last minute guest appearance!) and I talk about my top three games I played at PAX Prime. Listen in for all the details and look for our galleries coming soon! Some links from the show: RaiderZ from Perfect World Dark Horse Comics Fairway Solitaire from Big Fish Games FireFall from Red 5 Studios* James Silva and SKA Studios (the guy who Made a Game with Zombies) A brief note aboutRead More →

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Extraordinary¬†situations, outstanding actions. This week, we share our favorite heroes from some classic TV shows. Here are some clips from the top three lists we share in the episode. Rhonda’s #3 – Samantha Stevens, Bewitched Regina’s #3 – Wesley Crusher, Star Trek: The Next Generation Rhonda’s #2 – Will Robinson, Lost in Space Regina’s #2 – Miss Piggy, Pigs in Space on The Muppet Show Rhonda’s #1 – Andrea Thomas as Isis, Isis Regina’s #1 – Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman This is perhaps the most personal episode of Game on Girl so far. By sharing our favorite heroes, Rhonda and I both share an awfulRead More →