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Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope your 2013 is already off to a wonderful start!  I’m going to kick off the New Year with a question regarding gaming that I’ve struggled with for years.  Ok, so this isn’t the most pressing of inquiries when it comes to gaming, but it’s one that really bugs me:  am I the only one who has a really, really hard time leaving a game? Maybe it’s just for MMOs, since they involve subscriptions in order to play the game.  I mean, if you play games like Halo or Portal or Mass Effect, once you’ve bought it you can continueRead More →

For our last episode of the year we taking on endings . . . permanent endings. Inspired by Andrew Groen’s article, “In These Games Death is Forever and That’s Awesome,” in Wired, we discuss how the mechanic of permadeath might impact all three of our Gamer Types. Listen to the episode and see if you agree with our assessment of how self, role players, and mastery gamers might experience true game loss. A huge thank you to all our listeners, interviewees, and our fantastic community for supporting our first year of the show. Your input and engagement has been more than inspirational. We look forwardRead More →

The question: What is your Golden Rule for gaming? Your answers? Truly inspired. Above: A T-shirt from The Doc’s Collection Listen to this episode and see what our community had to say about playing fair, helping other people enjoy your favorite hobby, and having fun. Make sure to comment here or follow us on Twitter. You can even like our page on Facebook. Game on Girl is on Stitcher so you can stream our show to your mobile device or subscribe via iTunes or the RSS Feed. Until next time, game on! Regina & RhondaRead More →

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Hello.  My name is Mark Schjoll.  Yes, that Mark – Regina’s friend Mark.  But, enough about my name. Here’s a bit about my gaming “cred”.  I started playing games as a kid, as most kids do.  However, early on, one of my uncles and a grandfather taught me how to play poker.  I think that’s what started it all.  Then, around the time of my adolescence, there was D&D.  After high school I got into playing Battle Tech, Magic: The Gathering and Vampire: The Masquerade. To this day I still play all sorts of games. This does not tell the whole story though. I alsoRead More →


FPS – First Person Shooters Here is the next installment of our Intro to Game Culture series: Gaming 103: First Person Shooters or FPS. We talk basic terms and concepts associated with one of our favorite genres and share some of our favorite games. Use this episode to help your non-gamer friends and family understand why you were so excited when Far Cry 3 came out last week! What’s your favorite FPS game? Make sure to comment here or follow us on Twitter. You can even like our page on Facebook. Game on Girl is on Stitcher so you can stream our show to your mobile device or subscribe via iTunes or the RSSRead More →

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Hi, my name is Sharon, and I’m a Gamer.  It started so innocently… I guess you could say that TCGs were my Gateway drug, and they weren’t even my cards (they were my son’s).  After the Pokemon cards and the Magic cards came the Lord of the Rings cards, which led us to looking for other games based on JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth.  And lo and behold, there was a game in development that fit the bill:  Middle-Earth Online. That’s when I really went under.  For three years, I was community manager for MeoSource, a fansite supporting the development of Turbine’s Middle-Earth Online, later to becomeRead More →

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This week we were inspired by a Wired Magazine article: Geek Culture’s 26 Most Awesome Female Ass Kickers! Check out the gallery for full size versions of these pictures and short descriptions of the characters and the reasons why we love them. Also, Regina was on another awesome podcast. Make sure to check out Pixel Response and their new series, Breaking Balls: Gender Politics in Media. The Doc is on their first episode focusing on female video game characters. We would love to hear about your favorite female ass kickers! Make sure to comment here or follow us on Twitter. You can even like our page on Facebook. Game onRead More →

Hello Everyone, We have some exciting plans for Game on Girl in the very near future. Starting next week, we will have five new writers for the site. Hooray! <Kermit flail> As many of you know, Game on Girl started as the website to support my dissertation research and this year I launched the podcast to continue interviews and the conversations that started here. Now I want to take that vision a step further and bring in even more perspectives on gaming and game culture. Although each of the new writers will be introducing themselves in greater detail next week, I thought I would shareRead More →

Greetings Gamers! This week we share with you our recommendations for giving and receiving this year! We discuss several recommendations for digital and board games you can gift to your gamer friends or put on your own wish list. Click the game titles for more information. Our Digital Picks: Rhonda – World of Goo (Featured Image) Regina – Waves Rhonda – Civilization V Regina – Guild Wars 2 Our Board Game Picks:  Rhonda – Tribune  Regina – Spicy Farkel & Five Crowns Rhonda – Garden Dice Regina – Small World We would love to hear about your favorite games to play with your family or yourRead More →