Hopefully, you all love The Guild as much as we do. In the course of the show, we’ve talked about individual episodes, scenes, and many of the characters. WARNING: In this episode we talk in detail about all of season 6 but specifically about the last episode. The Guild, Everyone’s Happy Except Vork This week, we talk about what looks to be the end of the entire series – the finale of season 6. Listen if only to hear The Doc get seriously choked up talking about this fantastic webseries. What did you think of the season and potentially the show finale? Was it whatRead More →

This week in Pop Culture, we talk about a recent episode of The Big Bang Theory where we see Penny, Bernadette, and Amy dive further into geek culture, exploring the comic books the guys so love. Meanwhile, The Bakersfield Expedition follows the guys as they head to a local Comicon in full Star Trek: The Next Generation Cosplay and have an unfortunate adventure of their own after stopping to pose for a few authentic show pictures. Be warned: there are spoilers. If you haven’t seen the episode, go watch it at CBS.com! As always, we’d love to hear your ideas about this episode. What didRead More →

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Last week, I gave you my favorite picks for 2012. This week I look ahead to the coming year and share with you the games I’m most excited about. There is one small caveat. As far as I know, none of these games has a firm release date yet. With that in mind, let’s take a look.  3. Company of Heroes 2 I’ve played a lot of Company of Heroes and its subsequent expansions. There are a couple of reasons I love the original. The first being that unit facing matters. When you move a unit you can hold the click on the map whileRead More →

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Now, that is the question – for MMO players, at least!   Well, for some of us.  For many MMO players (and I would hazard to say, for most), a guild is pretty darned important – for raiding, fighting bosses, clearing high level instances…  Sure, there are PUGs (Pick Up Groups:  random players, often from a queue, who form a group solely because they are in the same place at the same time), but those often are uneven and unreliable.  At lower levels, guilds help a player level up their character, and assist with resources and knowledge.  At higher levels, guilds are invaluable in endRead More →

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Greetings Gamers! In this episode we chat with Chris Brady, one of the original interviewees from my dissertation research. We have a great chat about all kinds of gaming and all kinds of gamers, including leading a raid in WoW and rocking out with the Mechromancer from Boderlands 2. We also share listener responses to Sharon Browning’s recent article about permanently leaving a game. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, check it out here. As always, we love your feedback and including your comments on the show. Keep your comments coming! Please remember Game on Girl is on Stitcher so you can stream ourRead More →

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I played a lot of games last year. At least a lot for me. I just thought I would talk about my favorites from this past year and then, next week, look ahead to what releases I’m anxiously awaiting in 2013. And so, without further ado… 3. X-COM: Enemy Unknown If you listened to episode 44 of Game On Girl last week, then you know this was a game I had been waiting and hoping for. However, despite my longing for it, I didn’t even know it was in production until early summer of 2012. I only found out about it through a friend. SoRead More →

We took some time on the show this week to reflect on Wired Magazine’s list of the best games of 2012. Joined by new writer, Mark Schjoll, we discuss the passion and willingness to take risks we see in this list comprised of indie games that truly push the boundaries of gaming. (Journey, anyone?)  Warning: There are Borderlands 2 and Far Cry 3 spoilers in our discussion of those games. Look for Mark’s article detailing his favorites of 2012 and some much anticipated games for this year. We also ask a probing question: How many women are playing Far Cry 3? We’d love to hear fromRead More →

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Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope your 2013 is already off to a wonderful start!  I’m going to kick off the New Year with a question regarding gaming that I’ve struggled with for years.  Ok, so this isn’t the most pressing of inquiries when it comes to gaming, but it’s one that really bugs me:  am I the only one who has a really, really hard time leaving a game? Maybe it’s just for MMOs, since they involve subscriptions in order to play the game.  I mean, if you play games like Halo or Portal or Mass Effect, once you’ve bought it you can continueRead More →

For our last episode of the year we taking on endings . . . permanent endings. Inspired by Andrew Groen’s article, “In These Games Death is Forever and That’s Awesome,” in Wired, we discuss how the mechanic of permadeath might impact all three of our Gamer Types. Listen to the episode and see if you agree with our assessment of how self, role players, and mastery gamers might experience true game loss. A huge thank you to all our listeners, interviewees, and our fantastic community for supporting our first year of the show. Your input and engagement has been more than inspirational. We look forwardRead More →

The question: What is your Golden Rule for gaming? Your answers? Truly inspired. Above: A T-shirt from The Doc’s Collection Listen to this episode and see what our community had to say about playing fair, helping other people enjoy your favorite hobby, and having fun. Make sure to comment here or follow us on Twitter. You can even like our page on Facebook. Game on Girl is on Stitcher so you can stream our show to your mobile device or subscribe via iTunes or the RSS Feed. Until next time, game on! Regina & RhondaRead More →